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Please Nominate Someone Special for an Angel Wish:

Due to an overwhelming need and limited available funds the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation®  is able to grant only a portion of the hundreds of wish and award requests we receive.  

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Angel Wish or Final Expense Nominations

Who is eligible?

An individual who has  or had (Final Expense) a life-threatening medical condition,  is or was disabled, or seriously ill, between the ages of 3 and 75 years at the time of referral, is potentially eligible for a wish granting  or award.

Following an individual referral for an Angel Wish or Final Expense Award, to the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation®  the following partial list of documents must be completed and submitted to the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation®   office for consideration.

  • Preliminary Interview (Recorded)
  • Medical Release From
  • General Questionnaire
  • Intake Form
  • Medical Release From
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Photo Release Form

The above and other factors include the contacting of  the treating physician to determine whether the individual is medically eligible for an Angel Wish, based on the criteria established by Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation®. In addition, an individual cannot have received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

Who can refer a nominee for an Angel Wish or Final Expense Award?

We respect the privacy of the individuals and families to whom we grant Angel or Final Expense Awards. Individuals who may be eligible to receive an Angel Wish or Final Expense can be referred by any of the following sources:

  • A parent or legal guardian of the potential Angel Wish individual.  Final Expense Awards are not eligible for pre-arrangement.
  • The potential Angel Wish individual
  • Medical professionals treating the individual (Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers or Life Coaches)

Angel Wish or Final Expense Award Referral Privacy Guidelines:  All medical information is considered confidential and is not discussed with outside parties unless required for the Angel Wish or Final Expense Award unless  the individual, individual’s parent(s) or guardian(s) have given their consent.

What is an Angel Wish or Final Expense Award?

Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® grants Angel Wishes to individuals who request specialized training are  disabled or have  special needs.  Approved wish requests include, but are not limited to; travel with a companion or family member, concert tickets, sporting events, amusement park passes, theater productions tickets.  In addition, the arranged meeting of celebrities, athletes, recording artists and/or make-overs are considered Angel Wishes.

Final Expense Award is included under the Angel Wish category.

In an attempt to ease the burden of families the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation, Inc. ® has created a Final Expense Award for individuals who were ages 3-75, disabled,  critically ill  or required special needs.   The Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation, Inc.® is  the only nationally registered nonprofit in America to offer this type of compassionate  service to families in need.   

Families wishing to apply for the Final Expense Award, go through a streamlined, needs based evaluation process.  The Final Expense Award ranges from $500 to $2500 and is paid directly to the funeral home.  The funds can be applied toward any final service needs including the cemetery plot, cremation, grave marker, flowers etc. 

To be considered for the Final Expense Award submit information under the Angel Wish Request or contact us at 1-888-578-8008

How an Angel Wish or Final Expense Award is granted:

There are four basic steps to granting an Angel Wish or Final Expense Award:

Step 1:  Initial Referral

Step 2:  Determination of Eligibility

Step 3:  Creating the Angel  Wish

Step 4:  Delivering the Angel Wish or Final Expense Award to the appropriate parties.

Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® follow specific policies and guidelines for granting Angel Wishes. The treating physician’s will assist in determining whether the individuals’ condition will allow a wish to be carried out safely. The Grant Angel Wishes Staff works closely with the individuals’ physician and family to determine the most appropriate time to grant an Angel Wish, keeping in mind the individuals’ treatment or other concerns.

Families requesting a Final Expense Award will go through a streamlined approval evaluation process.

Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation ® does not grant the following:

  • Funds for vehicles
  • Cash or property
  • No animals (Submissions will be forwarded to Angel Foundation Partners)
  • Funds for college education(s)
  • Funds for legal assistance/attorney fees
  • Funds for home remodeling, room additions, pools or spas
  • Funds for groceries or gas
  • Funds for payments of any kind not related to the wish request
  • Funds for rent or mortgages
  • Funds for medical expenses or equipment unless they are the specified wish
  • Funds for clothing
  • Currently we do not grant International wish requests

Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation ® reserve the right to add or delete qualifying requirements.