Our Mission

Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® was created specifically:

  • To grant Travel wishes for children and adults ages 3-75 who have a terminal condition, with a 12 month or less diagnosed prognosis.
  • Partner and collaborate with the travel, tourism and entertainment industry, corporate sponsors, individuals, nonprofit organizations and foundations to provide the best final wish opportunities.
  • Give individuals with terminal illness and their immediate families the opportunity for a final vacation memory.

More About Us

Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, non-religious, charity, founded in 2010, became fully registered and nationally recognized in April 2011.

Qualified nominees or their families requesting a Travel Wish must meet preset qualifications and select a predetermined destination.

The Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation, Inc. ® is the inspiration of Julie-Ann Forcum whose determination, was, and remains to create a nonprofit that serves the terminally ill community and their families. This spirit is echoed in the motto of the foundation …dreams don’t end at 17

A cancer survivor, wheelchair user and hearing impaired by Meniere’s disease since 2007, Julie-Ann is undaunted in her determination to help those who have given up hope or may have lost their way. Her inspiration for the Foundation’s mission to create a lasting vacation memory respite stems from her own personal loss of family and friends.

In conclusion, the foundation is committed to helping terminal individuals and their families create a lasting family vacation memory.