• Please read before completing the Nomination form below.
    Nominee must qualify in each area to be considered for a wish.
  • 1. Wish nominee has 12 months or less prognosis from their physician.
  • 2. Nominee wishes to visit one of the predetermined destinations that only include, Universal Studios-Los Angeles, CA, SeaWorld-San Diego, CA, Morgan’s Wonderland-San Antonio, TX and a Broadway Show, NY. These ARE THE ONLY AVAILABLE DESTINATIONS AT THIS TIME. (We do not provide funding for any other trips, amusement parks, vacations, visits to family members, medical transportation etc.)
    *Only immediate family members are eligible for comp tickets for venues.
  • 3. Nominee is between the ages of 3-75.Due to an overwhelming need and limited available funds the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® is able to grant only a portion of the hundreds of the wish requests we receive.
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    Travel Wish Nominations.

    Who is eligible?

    To be considered eligible, the nominee must be between the ages of 3 and 75 years at the time of referral. The nominee must have a terminal medical condition, with a 12 month or less diagnosed prognosis.

    Following an individual referral for a Travel Wish to the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® the following partial list of documents, must be completed, and submitted to the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® office for consideration.

    • Preliminary Interview (Recorded)
    • Medical Release From
    • General Questionnaire
    • Intake Form
    • Medical Release From
    • Waiver of Liability
    • Photo Release Form
    •  Photos and or video recordings and a letter of your vacation memory for our foundation web site if chosen for a travel wish.
    •  You must fill in all documentation within 30 days of acceptance.
    •  You may only cancel one time, once the wish has been approved & all necessary doctor approvals, insurance documentation, travel itinerary & reservations have been made with our wish coordinators & foundation wish partners.

    The above and other factors include the contacting of the treating physician to confirm that the nominee is medically eligible for a Travel Wish, based on the criteria established by the Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation®.

    In addition, an individual cannot have received a wish from another wish-granting organization.

    Who can refer a nominee for a Travel Wish?

    We respect the privacy of the individuals and families to whom we grant Travel Wishes.

    Individuals may be nominated to receive a Travel Wish from any of the following sources.

    • A parent or legal guardian of the potential Travel Wish nominee.
    • The potential Travel Wish individual
    • Medical professionals treating the individual (Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers or Life Coaches)

    Travel Wish requests Referral Privacy Guidelines: All medical information is considered confidential and is not discussed with outside parties unless required for the Travel Wish and unless the individual, individual’s parent(s) or guardian(s) have given written consent.

    What is a Travel Wish?

    The Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation® offers several preset Vacation Memory Destinations (Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA,  SeaWorld, San Diego, CA, Morgan’s Wonderland, San Antonio, TX and Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN and Broadway theater, NY, NY.)    Disclaimer:  We reserve the right to modify, limit, alter, cancel or discontinue any wish destination package without prior notification.  Approved nominees are free to select the Vacation Memory Destination of their choice. Vacation Memory Destinations typically include a three night, four day stay hotel or motel accommodations, and one-day admission tickets to an amusement park for the entire immediate family traveling with the nominee. Currently, travel to and from the Vacation Memory Destination, food and on-site expenses are not included in the wish package.

    How a Travel Wish is granted:

    There are four basic steps to granting a Travel Wish:

    Step 1: Initial Referral

    Step 2: Determination of Eligibility

    Step 3: Selection of Vacation Memory Destination

    Step 4: Delivering the Travel Wish to the appropriate parties.

    Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation®, follows specific policies and guidelines for granting Travel Wishes. The treating physician’s will assist in determining whether the individuals’ condition will allow a wish to be carried out safely. The Grant Angel Wishes Staff works closely with the individuals’ physician and family to determine the most appropriate time to grant a Travel Wish, keeping in mind the individuals’ treatment or other concerns.

    I have reviewed the Rules & Conditions

    Disclaimer: Grant Angel Wishes and Travel Foundation ® reserve the right to add or delete qualifying requirements. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to modify, limit, alter, cancel or discontinue any wish destination package.