Wall of Wishes

Currently, we are working towards granting the following wishes. Your generous financial donations will help us to make these dreams come true.

Jonathan D


J-man with friends and family

Jonathan D. aka J-man is a 9-year old who suffers with mitochondrial/cerebral palsy and epilepsy whose final request is to visit a famous mouse in Florida and create a lasting family memory with his parents and siblings.

J-man’s Advocate Barbara R. is throwing a fundraiser to help us grant J-mans wish. He will be celebrated at a B’Day bash on June 2, 2012.

Current Event Sponsors include:

Home Depot

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lakeside Building Supply

Dr. Ronald Rosen, MD

Cantos Fashions

Babcock Furniture

Dr. Marner’s Clinic, LLC

BR Special Needs Advocacy Dr. Patrick G. Ryan, MD

Neurosurgical Associates

Alberton Family Inflatables

Screemer Fire Department

Judson Baptist Church

LB Roberts Woodworking

Adrian’s Hand Carved Stick

Barb’s Catering

Howard R.

Howard R.

Howard R. and Son

Howard suffers from congenial heart failure. His wish is to visit a motion picture based theme park in Southern California. His wish comes from wanting to spend one day with his son in fun environment to bond as father and son and create a golden memory, both can share Before he goes through the surgery of getting a heart pacemaker and the wait list for receiving a heart transplant..

We are very happy to announce that Howard will have his wish granted in late April 2012; due to the theme park’s generosity, kind donor heroes and our amazing and dedicated Board of Directors and support staff.


Atiba C.

Atiba C.

Atiba with his Mom

Atiba C. has Cerebral Palsy, but that does not stop his indomitable spirit or dampen his great smile. He is a part-time college student. His wish is to meet several celebrities in his home state of New York and in California.